WildCat vaginal tightening gel

WildCat vaginal tightening gel

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Wild Cat is the best vaginal tighten gel that firms and tightens the vagina and adds pleasure and comfort to both partners. It firms, tones and tightens the vagina and add sparks to your sex life. This is the best solution for you if you are thinking your sex life is going down. The estrogen found in this gel restores lubrication and thus cures vaginal dryness and restores the vagina suppleness. It increases the vaginal secretion and contracts the vaginal channel.

Restores and tones up flabby vaginal muscles.
Tightens the vaginal muscles.
Takes care of dryness of vagina.
Cures leucorrhea
Treats uterus prolapse

Directions for Use
Apply 3-4gm of Wild Cat Gel inside the Vagina daily before going to bed and give it a slow massage.
Plastic Bottle of 25 gm. gel

Each 5gm. contains
Terminalia Chebula 10mg.
Sepia Offiocinalis 10mg.
Randia Dumetorum 15mg.
Rosa Centifolia 20mg.
Jasminum Auriculatum 20mg.
Acacia Arabica Willd 20mg.
Mucuna Pruriens Bek 60mg.
Ficus Glomerata Robx 35mg.
Famlpguminosae 40mg.
Quercus Infectoria 50mg.
Oyster Shell 60mg.
Argilla Vitriolutum 200mg.
Gel Base Q.S.
A natural product that has been developed after several years of extensive research, this gel is the best solution for your every vaginal problems no matter whether it is due to age factor or childbirth or physical factor. Prevent yourself from inferiority complex and vaginal infection and give your vagina the flexibility, tightness and dryness. Having sex is meant to be for pleasure and not for pain.
This Gel is totally safe to apply on the inner layer of Vagina. You should definitely try this cream if you are losing interest in having intimate relationship. This gel gives tightening sensation and heightens sensitivity of vagina. Get more confident and take your sex to the next level. Experience the Pleasure of being young again.


1. It firms and tightens the vagina naturally and gives more pleasure.
2. The estrogen restores lubrication and cures vaginal dryness.
3. It restores the vagina suppleness.
4. It increases vaginal secretion and contraction of vaginal channel.
5. It is an anti-inflammatory gel that stops swelling and dispel unpleasant odor.
6. It is very helpful in protection from microbial pathogens.
7. It reduces unnecessary mucus of the vagina.
8. It contracts and reshapes the vaginal walls and adds more pleasure.

Get noticeable change within 30 minutes. With regular usage, it enhances the sensation of vagina. Do not wash your Vagina immediately after applying the gel.
MECHANISM (How to Tight Vagina)
This gel tons and lubricates the inner walls of your vagina. It helps in releasing estrogen and thus helps to restore lubrication. It also stiffens the vaginal walls.

Use Wild Cat Gel to

Dismiss Unpleasant Odor
Restore the Vagina suppleness
Reduce Excessive Mucus
Increase the level of vaginal secretion
Restore Lubrication and solve the problem of vaginal dryness
Give more pleasure with tight vagina
Release estrogen which increases woman's libido
Contract and reshape the vaginal walls

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