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White Horse (3.7 out of 5 based on 9 user ratings)

Last Updated : Jun 05, 2015 00:00 am

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Tasting Note:-
  • Nose (Undiluted):- A touch of sherry, prunes and the citrus notes of over-ripe blood oranges. Maybe a hint of salt laden sea air too. Not the most impressive of aromas to ever float heavenward from a glass. Matter of fact, pretty bland. But, at this price point, the noteworthy attribute is that it is not offensive.
  • Palate (Undiluted):- Smooth, viscous, mouth-coating, creamy body.

    Blood oranges, buttery shortbread cookies, slight sherry, counter balanced by wild honey, lemon zest and very subtle peat and smoke. There is some see-saw action going on between the fruity orange/honey flavors of Speyside at the forefront and the very restrained Islay/Islands smoke/peat at mid-palate.
  • Finish (Undiluted):- This is where Islay and the Islands (ie. Skye) come through. Lagavulin, Cao Ila, Talisker make an appearance. Nice smokey finish with great malt notes. Hmm! Ginger and salty pretzel too. 


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