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13 Products
MT Mass Tech 22 lbs (20 serving)
NPR 16000
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MT Mass Tech 12lbs (24 serving)
NPR 15000
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MT 100% Premium Mass Gainer
NPR 10800
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MT Cell Tech Performance Series 3.09 Lb
NPR 5500
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Super Mass Gainer 12 LBS
NPR 10300
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Mega Mass 10000 (1 KG)
NPR 1450
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Titan Muscle Grow (500 gm)
NPR 1200
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MEGA Mass 10000 (500 gm)
NPR 800
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MT Mass Tech - 7.05 Lbs
NPR 9500
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MT EPIQ Mass Gainer
NPR 9950
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Super Mass Gainer 6lbs
NPR 6000
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MT Cell Tech Performance Series 5.95 Lb
NPR 9500
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Six Star Fit Lean Protein Choc 1.2 Lb
NPR 3500
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Are you looking for effective weight gainer in Nepal? Choose from best weight gainer brands like Mass Tech, Epiq Mass Gainer, Mega Mass and Titan Muscle Grow. These weight gainer works for everyone including beginners to the pros. These weight gainer supplements are packed with minimum 800+ calories, 49g protein and 130g carbs. Choose from chocolate and other mass gainer flavours according to your taste.
Mass Gainer Price differs according to its weight and flavour. These weight gainers are available on 500g and 1000g jar. Weight Gainer price in Nepal ranges from NRs 800 to NRs 9000. Put on muscle mass by choosing our best quality protein weight gainers that are packed with necessary mass gainer diet.

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