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4 Products
Red Yellow Gerbera with Pink White Gladious
NPR 1525
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Four Seasons Flower Basket
NPR 1750
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Mix Flower Side Basket
NPR 1100
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Rose Flower Basket
NPR 1100
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Buy Flowers online in Nepal / Send flowers to Nepal
Flower, it blooms and blossoms and is the reproductive structure that is found in the flowering plants. The flowers have different importance in the life of human civilization. It has the symbolic importance meanings in the western culture. As the world is moving towards the western culture, many things are found common in our societies. The red rose symbolizes the love, beauty, and the passion. Poppies are the symbol of sympathy at the time of death. Irises or lily are the symbols of resurrection and life. The daisies are the symbol of innocence. The flowers are favored by most of the people due to its attractive color and appearance. Flowers are used for different purpose. It is used as gifts for your family and friends. Mostly rose flower is given by the couple to each other. You can give the flower full of baskets as a gift in the birthday ceremony of our friends. It is used in the wedding ceremony and the anniversary as well.
If you’re wondering for the online flower shopping in Nepal, Mero Shopping will fulfill your demand. We have been providing flower online shopping services to our customers in Nepal. We are the top-ranked online flower shopping in Kathmandu. We’ve got a different flower for sale for the customers. We believe in the quality service and care about the costumer’s satisfaction.
Rose Flower
Rose is said to be as the perennial flowering plant that is popular among the flower lovers. It has different uses such as ornamental use, medicinal use, God’s gift for decoration, culinary purpose, expressing feelings, cosmetics, preparation of perfumes etc. Rose is most famous for the purpose of gift among the general people. You can order us the roses and make us deliver the gift to your loved ones. We have the roses that are decorated in the basket that will perfectly make your family and friends feel good.
Other Flowers
Besides, we also have many different flowers for a gift such as red yellow Red Yellow Gerbera with Pink White Gladious, Four seasons Flower Basket, Mix Flower Side Basket and many more. The flowers decorated in the basket make the flower look so pretty and makes the feeling strong towards your friends and family.
Flower Plants Price in Nepal
We’ve different flowers that will absolutely capture your attraction by its beauty. We have the flowers of different prices. The Red Rose and White Gerbera flower basket cost Rs. 1795, Red Yellow Gerbera with Pink White Gladious costs Rs. 1525, four seasons Flower Basket is of Rs. 1750 and so on.
You can order us the best flower of your choice and send it to your loved ones. As one of the best online flower shop in Nepal, we have been fulfilling our customer’s needs and demands. You can send these gifts to your family and friends who are in Nepal from any parts of the world whether you are in UK or USA or any parts of the world. Just order us the flower and gift you like and the place you want to send the gift to Nepal and we’ll the rest for you. We offer you the flower plants at the discountable price. Contact us and get the best result of our service.

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