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Scar Lite (2.9 out of 5 based on 19 user ratings)

Last Updated : Jan 17, 2016 05:26 am

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Face is the most critical part of human body as it is the first thing noticed by people. Everyone wish to look scar less skin but most of the people do not get succeed and they used to get frustrated. Now, you don’t need to worry as you can have Scar Lite Product in Mero Shopping with reasonable price. Scar Lite Product is a beauty product which helps in get rid of dark circles, stretches and spots. Working on your skin it gives you younger look. Therefore this cream is acknowledged as Triple Action Remedy designed to cure the scars from moderate to harsh damage.
Scar Lite Product fights with skin blemishes and give lighten them so that it fades away. With an Ayurbedic world class product it clean and clear the face. But one must be able to distinguish original and duplicate product.

Benefits for following cases
• Scars left after an acne breakout
• Have age spots
• Dark patches of pigmentation caused after having contraceptive pills
• Birthmarks, Freckles and Moles
• Additional products like Silicone scar gel scar light cream, Face anti acne whitening cream scar removal face care real plus cream, Blue light acne treatment face cream with acne clearing, New hot sale cheap private label anti- wrinkle cream, best skin spot cream lighting protection and Acne moisturizer cream also can be used

Material: Plastic


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Nov 21, 2014 Rita Thapa, Swoyambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal , ExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
I am a 32 yr old woman. I was worried because of the dark circles under my eyes and age spots that were seen across my nose and cheeks. I was getting tired of having to put concealer before putting the foundation to cover those spots. Different people suggested different treatment methods. I had tried several dark spot removing creams before but without effect. They made my face look uglier than before. One day, my friend took me to Skin Doctor Anjali shah. She advised me to use Scar Lite Cream and I am grateful to her for her valuable advice. I looked over net to buy Scar Lite Cream and ordered it from Mero Shopping. I needed to pay NRs 750 as the price of Scar Lite.

I have been using Scar Lite since about 2months and it really worked. My friends started noticing changes in me only after I used for about a week. My freckles began to turn lighter. I would recommend Scar Lite as the best product for removing dark spots.  

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