Shoe and Shocks Anti-Bacterial Spray (2pcs)

Shoe and Shocks Anti-Bacterial Spray (2pcs)

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  • Refreshing and Soothing: The foot deodorant just needs a pair of d√©colletage and gives your feet a refreshing and soothing feeling, freshener refreshed, revived and ready for the next use.
  • FOR ALL FOOTWEAR: This foot and shoe deodorizer spray works great on sneakers, boots, or sandals. Simply spray onto feet and massage or use directly on shoes.
  • Multiple Uses: This odour removal spray works on any material. Commonly used as an air freshener and refresher for your home, kitchen, trash cans, bathrooms, balconies, closets, clothes, upholstery, furniture, pet beds, backpacks, gym bags, and more.
  • Easy to use and carry: The foot odour spray is with a super fine mist that applies easily and evenly and dries quickly. Portable design allows you to take it anywhere, even camping or travelling.
  • Natural Ingredients: Be kind to your skin yet resistant to odours. Trust your foot deodorant is safe for all feet thanks to its natural ingredients, including essential oils and botanical extracts.

Our Shoe and Shocks Anti-Bacterial Spray is a powerful and effective solution for eliminating bacteria and unpleasant odors from your footwear and athletic gear. This spray is specially formulated to target bacteria that can cause foot and shoe odors, and it is safe for use on a variety of materials, including leather, suede, and fabric. Simply spray it on and let it dry to experience a fresh, clean scent and a reduction in odor-causing bacteria.

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