Self Suction Sit-Up Bar

Self Suction Sit-Up Bar

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  • Made of high-quality, high-density foam, safe and environmentally friendly, comfortable during exercise, and ankle protection to prevent injuries
  • It can be used to train the abdomen, slim the waist and reduce the abdominal fat when you have the abdominal workout.
  • Convenient, small size, light weight, no need for others to help one person do sit-ups at home
  • Flexible switch, easy to adjust the height of the slimmer, suitable for men and women exercise: bird movements, high lift lower limbs, bridge hips, support lateral extensions, push-ups, sit-ups, lean over, flat support
  • Natural rubber big plate, chassis using high quality natural rubber, large suction, suitable for all kinds of smooth ground, long lasting suction

A sit-up bar with suction pad. Perfect for working out at home or anywhere, as it hardly takes up any space and can be easily transported. Ideal for practicing abdominals, flexes and exercising the whole body: arms, shoulders, lumbar region, legs, glutes, etc. Its powerful suction pad secures firmly onto the required surface to hold the feet or hands and facilitates a multitude of exercises.

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