F1-7000EA Fashion Semi-Commercial Motorized Treadmill

F1-7000EA Fashion Semi-Commercial Motorized Treadmill

Rs 375000
Brand: VGR
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  • The maximum Power 4HP AC Motor which is Eco-friendly, low power consumption and low noise but high effectiveness, speed 1--18KM/H,Incline 0-15%.
  • Handhold heart rate test, with short-cut of speed and inclination .Emergency braking and safety switch double functions to keep exercise safer.
  • With built-in 8 professional exercise programs, select different program to achieve different work result, special descent device to protect safe.
  • External USB connector, with built-in MP3 and the Clear loudspeaker can listen to music which make exercise easier and happy
  • Display calorie, distance, time, speed, inclination and heart rate. Anti-skid stick on side brim can avoid slippery, Easily-folded and removed
  • Use the Echelon Auto Compensation type Buffering device patent, ensure the sustainability of elasticity and decrease the exercise impact
  • Has the air fan function, With 4 kinds of direct election buttons and short-cuts of speed and inclination
  • Meadow grain color running belt, Low friction, anti-static special design. PU Rubber coating handrail design, which is comfortable, eco-friendly and healthy.

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