Electric Dumpling Maker Machine

Electric Dumpling Maker Machine

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  • 🥟【Electric Dumpling Maker】Imitation of manual dumplings, electric dumplings maker machine easily solve the trouble of tedious dumplings making, improve the efficiency of dumplings making, even novice can easily operate. Automatic electric dumplings making mold saves time and labor, free your hands. Make dumplings more convenient and effective!
  • 🥟【Food Grade Material】The household automatic dumpling maker mould set is made of high-quality and food grade ABS, no odor and BPA-free, durable.The non-slip rubber pads on the base are stable. The machine is easy to clean, just rinse with clean water.
  • 🥟【Easy to Use】The making steps are simple. You can choose the manual mode: just put the dumpling skin and filling on the machine and press the button on the left to wrap the dumpling. Automatic mode: After placing the skin and filling on the dumpling machine, press the button on the right to select the gear for 6 seconds working once or 9 seconds working once. Forming dumpling in one second! Make your dumplings beautiful and delicious.
  • 🥟【with Filling Spoon & Brush】The complimentary filling spoon makes it easy to pick the filling, and the amount of filling is just right to help you speed up the process of making dumplings. Plus, there is also a bonus brush, you can brush a little water on the dumpling skin, to help the dumpling skin bond.
  • 🥟【Enjoy Dumpling DIY】It is perfect for families, parties, canteens, restaurants, etc., bringing you more convenience and fun. The automatic gyoza-making machine is designed with a safe structure, so you can experience the fun of making dumplings with your children with confidence. The delicate lace pressed by the gyoza-making machine will not crack when steamed, boiled or fried.

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