Chest Press Machine F1-5222

Chest Press Machine F1-5222

Rs 205000
Brand: VGR
Availability: Unavailable



Function: Chest push movement.

  • AdoptÑ„76*3mmtop quality super thick tube, elegant and durable.
  • Use high density sponge and good leather material.
  • Choose high intensity navigating durable wire steel.
  • Adopt the transparent glittery silver plastic powder coating which is elegant.
  • Anti-friction chrome plate guide lever make exercise more smoothly.
  • Spring adjustment set makes exercise more convenient.
  • Many flexible joint-adjusting row arms are accordant with human engineering.
  • There are many kinds of adjusting backrest angles which fits for different people.
  • 12 pieces weights (20 pounds) and 2 pieces weights (7 pounds).

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