Bio Shoe Cleaner

Bio Shoe Cleaner

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1.No Need to Wash: Just spray this no-rinse cleaner on your sneakers and watch the mud and dirt disappear. Easily solve problems such as yellowing of shoe uppers, and save time and energy with no need to wash stubborn stains.
2. Powerful Stain Removal: Make shoes white again and extend shoe life with this white sneaker cleaner spray that can break down dirt quickly and effectively.
3. Easy-to-carry Cleaner: This 200ml white shoe cleaner can keep your shoes clean and neat with its small size and large capacity. You can carry it anytime, anywhere and clean multiple pairs of shoes.
4. Versatile Cleaning: This white sneaker cleaner can be used on different types of upper materials. Simply shake the bottle before use and adjust the amount of cleaner according to the dirt level of your shoes. You can also use it on both wet and dry surfaces for a spotless finish.

5. Scope Application: Whether you have leather, fabric, rubber, or mesh shoes, this white sneaker cleaner can make them look new again. It is suitable for various shoe types, such as sports shoes, smooth shoes, and everyday shoes.


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