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New Maharaja Juicer Mixer Grinder
NPR 4500
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Preethi Mixer Grinder MG-172
NPR 10995
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Preethi Mixer Grinder MG-139
NPR 8995
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Preethi Mixer Grinder MG-176
NPR 6995
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Preethi Mixer Grinder MG-182
NPR 5595
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Preethi Mixer Grinder MG-154
NPR 4995
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Preethi Mixer Grinder MG-173
NPR 6695
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Preethi Mixer Grinder MG-159
NPR 5995
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Philips Coffee Maker HD7762/00
NPR 29995
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Philips Coffee Maker SAECO HD8325/01
NPR 23995
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Philips Coffee Maker SAECO HD8323/01
NPR 21995
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Philips Mixer HR1565/55
NPR 5695
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Philips Mixer HR1538/80
NPR 7895
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Panasonic MX-AC220 H
NPR 7669
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Grinder Mixer
NPR 3000
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Mixer Grinder 2 jar
NPR 1799
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Beko Mixture BKK-2155
NPR 6250
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Beko Mixture BKK-2152
NPR 7125
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Yasuda Mixture Grinder (YS-2016) LITTLE MASTER
NPR 2799
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Beko Mixture BKK 1304
NPR 8375
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Beko Mixture BKK-2154
NPR 12500
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Yasuda Mixture Grinder (YS-2014) - DOLPHIN
NPR 2699
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Yasuda Mixture Grinder (YS-2017) - TAVERA
NPR 2699
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Panasonic Mixer Grinder MX-AC400 Black
NPR 10604
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Mixer Grinder MX-AC210 S
NPR 7509
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Preethi MG-173 Nitro Mixer Grinder
NPR 8191
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Panasonic Mixer Grinder MX AC 555
NPR 11599
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Panasonic MX-AC 400
NPR 10289
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Panasonic MX-AC350 H
NPR 9479
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Panasonic MX AC-300 SH
NPR 8889
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Panasonic MX-AC300 SH
NPR 8899
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Sanford Hand Mixer 1330HM BS
NPR 2586
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Sanford Hand Mixer 1338HM BS
NPR 2299
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Sanford SF1338HM BS Hand Mixer
NPR 2471
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Sanford SF1330HM BS Hand Mixture
NPR 2780
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mixer grinder MX-AC300 H
NPR 8759
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mixer grinder MX-AC300SH
NPR 9169
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Super Mixer Grinder MX -AC 400
NPR 9799
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Maharaja Medium Mixer Grinder
NPR 3832
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Maharaja Bonus Dix Mixer Grinder
NPR 4312
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Buy Mixers and Grinder Online in Nepal
The world is moving towards the huge technology with the use of latest designed machines and technical equipment that can make your each and every works faster and easier. You need some powerful and technical appliances that can make you easy to do your daily works and save your time. Mero Shopping offers you the best Mixers and Grinders online in Nepal for the household purpose at discountable prices. We’ve got the brand Mixers and Grinders for sale in Nepal for our customers. These are the machines with the main objective of mixing with the certain miscellany of ingredients called a “formula”.
This device gives you an extra output with the proper mixing of your cooking ingredients. This allows you to mix your vegetables, fruits, and many other spicy things directly into the bowl and pan without the use of separate pitcher.
This is the powerful machine that helps you to grind the hard ingredients in the perfect way. This is mostly used for making the fruit drinks and juice and even to make frosted drinks.
We also have different models that include the multiple pitchers to make your ingredients smoother. We offer you everything in one package that includes standard pitchers, portable cup, and food processing bowl.
Use of Mixers and Grinders
The device is widely used in the western countries and even in our country for the purpose of making smoothies, frozen concoctions, cocktails, soups and many others. You can serve the juice to your guests so quickly that they don’t need to wait for the warm welcome and you don’t need to work hard for this. These machines retain all the nutritional ingredients in the final products. Hence, this is also necessary for the healthy nutrients.
Order Mixers and Grinders Online
You can order us the type of mixers and grinders you want and save your time for other works. We provide home delivery for our customers with our brand products.

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