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Inverter & Voltage Control

Buy Inverter & Voltage Control Online in Nepal - (21 products found)
21 Products
EnerHome UPS 650VA SuperFastCharge -PRO700SFC
NPR 4450
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Line Interactive UPS 800VA -PRO800S
NPR 5775
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Line Interactive UPS 1200VA -PRO1200SV
NPR 8900
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UPS Battery 8.2AH -8.2AH
NPR 1800
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Back-up Unit 50VA -PBU5027
NPR 4500
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Portable Solar UPS 70W with Panel -PVR500D
NPR 16800
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Auto Voltage Regulator 500VA -PVR500D
NPR 4300
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Auto Voltage Regulator 1000VA -PVR1000D
NPR 5400
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Auto Voltage Regulator 2000VA -PVR2000D
NPR 7350
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Auto Voltage Regulator 3000VA -PVR3000D
NPR 13400
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Line Interactive UPS 650VA --ES650V
NPR 4100
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Line Interactive UPS 1000VA -ES1000V
NPR 7900
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On-Line UPS 1000VA --PRO901S
NPR 36750
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PRO700SFT Prolink Backup Power
NPR 4650
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PRO1200SFC Prolink Backup Power
NPR 8700
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PRO1200SFT Prolink Backup Power
NPR 9000
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Prolink Inverter IPS1200
NPR 12500
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Prolink Inverter IPS2400
NPR 20000
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Prolink Inverter IPS3000
NPR 55000
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Prolink Inverter IPS5000
NPR 90000
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Portable Solar Unit PPS70
NPR 17000
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Buy inverter and voltage control online in Nepal at reasonable price from our online store. With our latest branded inverter batteries and Portable Solar UPS, you do not need to worry about Load Shedding anymore. Get uninterrupted power supplies with our range of Back Up units. Buy the best Auto voltage regulators and save your electrical equipments from electrical fluctuations.

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