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Mero Shopping is the fastest growing online/retail store in Nepal. Founded in 22 September 2013, Mero Shopping has maintained its reputation due to its variety of products (ranging from groceries to gadgets), low prices and free delivery services. We have several outlets located in every major cities of Nepal which provides customers with both wholesale and retail prices.

Sitaram Rimal, managing director is among the few who introduced concept of SEO (Digital Marketing) in Nepal. Sitaram Rimal also introduced the concept of Ecommerce professionalism in Nepal. He is the founder president of Web Association Nepal.

Celebrity Uzzwal Bhandary is a well-known public figure in the Nepalese community .He is a versatile actor, entrepreneur, TV host and a veteran in travel and tourism industry since the last 30 years.
He is the permanent residence of USA living in Atlanta, Georgia now, holding the responsibility as an executive director of Mero shopping and its affiliates.

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