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Last Updated : Dec 08, 2019 17:00 pm

Product ID: 13140
NPR 3200
Total: NPR 3200
Warranty :2 Year

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Product Details
 Main Technical Parameters:
Product Type: XX-18-A
Rated Power: 3000W
Rated Voltage/Frequency: 220~50Hz
Rated Pressure: 0MP
waterproofing grade: IPX4
Anti-electric Shock Type: Category I
Applicable water pressure: 0.1Mpa-0.6Mpa
Water-Feeding Pattern: Upper Inlet/Lower Inlet

Safety Precautions:

Do not use the power socket with switching device
Do not use the product when there is no tap water
Do not install the product outdoors; do not spray water to the faucet even it is used indoors.
If you use the product firstly, please turn on the cold water, and then the power supply; keep the maximum water outlet temperature within 60 degree


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