Tips and Tricks for Best Eyebrows Ever

Fashion    Jun 27 2015, 07:22 am

Thin eyebrows are out of fashion these days. Given below are tips and tricks for best eyebrows ever. 1. Do not overuse tweezers over your eyebrows. 2. Tweeze only those eyebrows that makes you look like you are sulking. 3. The best way is to draw two lines from the outer corners of your nose in your mind. Then, cross the inner corners of eyes. Make the meeting point of those lines at the forehead. All you need to do then is to remove hairs that are growing in the triangle. 4. Do not go for heavy arches as they are out of fashion. 5. You can fill the ...

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Victoria Secret in Nepal

Fashion    Mar 10 2016, 14:03 pm

Mero Shopping is one of the largest Victoria Secret store in Nepal who has been selling the authentic Victoria’s Secret products through its website. If you have not heard of Victoria’s Secret, you have got no sense of fashion. Victoria’s Secret is the largest American retailer of lingerie which has been selling its sexy, stylish and comfortable lingerie, beauty products and women wear worldwide.Bra from VictoriaThe price ranges in between NRs 3000 to 4000. The bras come in Push-Up, Full Coverage, under wire, demi, unlined and strapless design. You can also buy the sport bra.   Panties from Victoria’s SecretGet rid of traditional cotton panties. Panties ...

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Push Up Bra in Nepal

Fashion    Mar 13 2016, 06:18 am

It is time to upgrade yourself from regular bras to push up bra. Yes, you can now buy online push up bra in Nepal at a price of around NRs 350.The research conducted by scientists from Manchester University have shown that the push up bra increases confidence level in women in significant level. Our behavior is effected by the attire we wear.  These bras are stylish and they are much more comfortable than normal ones. The special padding lifts the cups up and gives your breast the firm look. This is the easiest and fastest way of getting firm breast.Push up Bras have received ...

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