Bed Sheets in Nepal

Shopping Tips    Mar 13 2016, 06:23 am

Do you want to try something different from usual bed sheets? Do you know that you can now buy 3d bed sheets in Nepal? Yes, you can choose from wide range of comfortable and luxurious bed sheets. You can even order it online at fairly low price. Cost of 3d bed sheets is only NRs 2500.You can select from the colors, sizes and materials. Cotton sheet is considered best for summer season and velvet sheet for winter season. Velvet linens are super soft to touch and comfortable enough to give you best sleep that you have been yearning for.There is no need to toss ...

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5 Cinema Halls in Kathmandu that you should not miss

Shopping Tips    Dec 24 2014, 07:01 am

Cinema Halls have got huge potential of business in Kathmandu. With the increase in multiplex screen theatres, people are willing to watch latest bollywood movies even by paying high price. It is said that the multiplex screen business progressed with the establishment of Jai Nepal Hall. There are few theatres where latest English movies are displayed and QFX is one of them. QFX Group have QFX Jai Nepal Hall, QFX Central and QFX Kumari Cinema. In addition to QFX, there are Big Cinemas with Nepal’s largest screen, FCube Cinema, QFX QFX Central exists in 7th floor of Civil Mall, Sundhara. It allows online movie ticket booking ...

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Best Gifts for kids to buy in Nepal

Shopping Tips    Mar 13 2016, 06:36 am

Given below is the list of best gifts for kids that you can buy in Nepal.Remote Car Remote Controlled cars are appropriate for kids who are 2 to 8yrs old. These cars have ground clearance of upto 12cm. The Remote control range is up to 100m distance. Remote controlled cars like BMW 535i or 300 Mercedes and Remote Controlled Jeep available in Nepal. The price of Remote Control Car in Nepal is in between NRs3000 to NRs 4000. These RC Cars are fast, cheap and better handled. You can buy online Remote Car from online shopping sites in Kathmandu and get it home delivered.Transformers Dark ...

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Send Birthday Gift in Kathmandu

Shopping Tips    Mar 13 2016, 06:42 am

There are several online shopping websites in Kathmandu. You can send birthday gift in Kathmandu from these sites.All of us wish to make the birthday of our friends and family extra special but we run out of ideas as to what to gift on birthday. We have conducted an extensive research and prepared birthday gift list for you. We hope that the list will help you in making decision.  List of birthday gifts in Nepal include flowers, beauty gifts and jewelry gifts. If you are looking for cheap birthday gift for father, you might want to buy watches. There are many watch brands in ...

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Winter Clothes in Nepal

Shopping Tips    Mar 13 2016, 06:43 am

The season has begun to change. Winter is slowly gaining its momentum. So, if you are planning for your holiday trip, you should better carry winter clothes in Nepal with you. Temperature during morning and evening is gradually dropping down. It is the time to empty your wardrobe out of summer clothes and stock it with winter clothes.   Woolen jacket and woolen sweater are most popular outerwear during winter. One can easily find handmade woolen jackets and handmade woolen sweaters in Nepal. These jackets and sweaters come in thousands of designs and colors. Most of the sweaters use 100% sheep wool. Price of woolen ...

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Benefits of Gas Heater and Halogen Room heater

Shopping Tips    Nov 10 2014, 22:25 pm

Halogen Heater is a cost effective heating solution. These heaters are easy to carry and they offer instant heat as soon as they are switched on. There are various halogen heater models available in Nepalese market. Halogen heaters in Nepal come with safety grill to ensure maximum protection. The constantly glowing rods are sure to keep you warm. Halogen heater price in Nepal starts from NRs1700.    Gas Heater can be used to heat room and other outdoor area. It uses liquefied petroleum gas as a fuel. One out of many other advantages of gas heater is that it can be used anywhere you like. ...

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Shopping tips for winter

Shopping Tips    Nov 04 2014, 23:00 pm

Season is about to change. It is that time of year when wind starts to bite and you wish you would never have to go out. With the changing season comes a challenge to keep ourselves warm from the chilling weather of winter. People often remain confused as to what to buy in winter. You need not compromise your stylish looks for preventing from the cold. It is possible to cover your body and still remain stylish. We have conducted a research and come up with top 5 winter clothes shopping tips: Pay attention to price-quality relationship Remember that high quality winter clothes are not available ...

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Compare Gas Geyser and Electric Geyser

Shopping Tips    Nov 03 2014, 23:15 pm

Winter is knocking at the door of every Nepalese home. It is wise to backup your house with geyser. You can find two types of geyser in Nepal. Take the one you like- whether you would opt for gas geyser in Nepal or electric geyser in Nepal.   This is our attempt to compare gas geyser and electric geyser so that it will be easy for you to decide which one to buy. In terms of price, gas geyser price in Nepal is far cheaper than electric geyser in long run. Also, gas geyser heats water quicker than electric geyser. In order to make water hot ...

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Send Gifts for winter season in Nepal

Shopping Tips    Mar 13 2016, 06:44 am

Winter has once again arrived at the doorstep of Nepalese home. Sending gift in Nepal is the way of showing your friends and families that you care for them. You can send online winter gifts to Nepal from USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Japan and all other countries.Visit any of the Nepal online gift site and then view your product. Select the city in which you wish the delivery of product. You can send winter gifts to Kathmandu and all other major cities. If you choose the online payment method, you need to give your credit card or debit card number and then click on ...

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Gas Geyser in Nepal

Shopping Tips    Mar 13 2016, 06:45 am

There are many benefits of using Gas Geyser. It is energy efficient in comparison to electric geyser which decreases the fuel consumption. It is the environment friendly geyser which emits less greenhouse gas in comparison to electric geyser. Gas geyser is portable and it can easily be installed. Thus gas geyser installation cost is nominal. The standard gas geyser in Nepal heats 6liters of water. There are many websites from where you can buy gas geyser online in Nepal.Yasuda gas geyser is the popular and trusted brand in Nepalese market. Some of the features of gas geyser include ion- flame inspection technology which automatically ...

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Best Gifts for Tihar Bhaitika

Shopping Tips    Mar 13 2016, 06:51 am

Best Gifts for Tihar BhaitikaMost of us face the common confusion as to what to gift in this Bhaitika. So, we conducted an extensive research and identified 6best gifts for Tihar that will help to strengthen the bonding in between the brothers and sisters. Sending Tihar gifts to Nepal had never been so easy before. Lots of online shopping websites have flourished in Nepal that provides home delivery service to your friends and families. Sending gifts to your families in Nepal is the way of showing them that you care for them. Best Tihar Bhaitika gift for sisters include Kurta Salwar, Sari and Hair ...

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Shopping destination in Kathmandu

Shopping Tips    Mar 13 2016, 06:51 am

Shopping includes among the top things to do in Kathmandu. Shops in Kathmandu offer best quality products at relatively cheap price than international markets. This article is an attempt to help for those who are wondering about where to buy in Kathmandu.ThamelMore popular as the tourist shop area, shops in Thamel sell trekking gears and souvenir items. Thamel is crowded with money exchange booths, travel agents, guest houses, pubs and some of the finest restaurants in Nepal. If you are wondering about what to buy in Thamel, you can buy pashminas, jewellery, handicrafts and gems. Thamel Shops are open until 10pm.Durbar MargShops in Durbarmarg ...

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Shopping malls in Kathmandu

Shopping Tips    Sep 29 2014, 07:40 am

With the addition of new shopping malls in Kathmandu from time and again, this city is rapidly evolving as the best shopping destination. These centers have changed the Nepalese shopping culture forever. Shopping in Kathmandu is relatively cheap in comparison to other foreign destinations which have made shopping tour in Kathmandu a popular package. Everything from international branded clothes to household appliances is available in these malls. We offer you with the list of top10 shopping Malls in Kathmandu to give you an idea about what to buy in Kathmandu. K L Tower K L Tower is 10 and half storey tall exclusive enterprise that accommodates entertainment ...

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How to send Dashain gifts to Nepal ?

Shopping Tips    Mar 13 2016, 06:52 am

How to send Dashain gifts to NepalMake this Dashain the extra special moment for your friends and families by sending Dashain gifts to Nepal. You can now send online gifts to Nepal from USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Japan and all other countries. Dashain is the perfect time to send surprise gifts when the festive mood reaches the fever pitch height. Tell your family that you care for them by sending gifts to Nepal. Dashain is the festival of happiness. By delivering gifts to Nepal, you are delivering happiness.If you are wondering how to send online gift for Dashain, all you need to do is ...

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