Teej Gift Ideas for Wife 2018/2075 - Send Teej Gift to Nepal Online

Published On: Aug 02, 2018 08:27am
Teej 2018 or Teej 2075 is around the corner. As a women festival Teej is celebrated throughout Nepal. All the girls and woman compete for the best red colored sarees, newest mehndi designs and of course the best make up and jewelry. During the Teej celebration all the women of the Hindu religion will take part in a one day fasting, in order to wish long life and success to their husbands. Unmarried girls will fast to pray to the Hindu God Shiva so he may grant them the perfect husband. That being said, it is up to the men to provide proper gifts for Teej to their wives. Although it is a time of celebration it can be a stressful period if you have no idea what exactly to buy for your wife on Teej. No fear in this Teej blog we will explain to all what are the most desired items to buy in 2018 / 2075 for your wife. We also want to explain a little bit about the traditions of Teej celebration in Nepal. To find the best gift for Teej depends on your loved one’s preference and on your budget. By using online shopping for Teej, you can easily order exclusive and unique products at a cheaper rate then the stores who will increase their rates during the festival. During our study of last year’s Teej Celebration we found out that most girls always go for blood red colored Sarees, jewelry and branded cosmetics. For a woman quality and originality means everything that is why with online shopping it’s easy to find a quality saree not yet on the market in Nepal and surprise your wife with a unique design. Surely every girls dream gift ! Make-up and cosmetic plays an important part in every girl or women’s life. Especially during festivals good quality cosmetics are on the number one shopping list of every female in Nepal. With online shopping, guys can find branded cosmetic products and surprise their darlings with a special gift of international branded cosmetics. Truly a dream come true for every girl!
Other common sought after items during Teej celebration are, jewelry, perfume, designer bags and purses and of course sweets and dried fruits. Some people like to send more than one gift and offer a combo package to surprise their soul mate. Often bought combo packages are saree plus sweets or a triple combo packages of saree plus a branded cosmetic plus sweets or dried fruits. The options are endless and your darling deserves the absolute best right! Surprise, and see the smile on your wife’s face when you bring your ordered gift for Teej to her.
A festival in Nepal is a time of celebration and tradition, and the Teej festival in Nepal is one of dance, song and dedication to one’s loved one. By holding a one day fasting to wish for the perfect husband or the long life and success of their husband. All women celebrating Teej deserve a gift from their boyfriend or husband and we will help you with that. Not only from spouse to spouse but many also send a Teej gift for their mother in law or even to their daughter in law. It is also very common for boyfriends to send a Teej gift for their girlfriend and for a father to send a Teej gift for he’s daughter. Teej is a fun celebration and with the joy of gift giving it becomes even more magical! Don’t miss this chance and surprise that special lady with a special Teej gift that she deserves


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