2018 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Published On: Feb 09, 2018 15:32pm
Valentine’s Day also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is one of the most favored days among the adult and youngsters. The occasion is celebrated in the 14th of February. This festival is now recognized as a culture and celebration of romance in most of the regions in the world. Although the day carries the great history about the Saint Valentine of Rome’s confinement for performing weddings for soldiers, it is mostly celebrated by the adult and youth boys and girls and the married couple as well. It is said to be the most romantic time of the year. People show their feelings and emotions to their loved ones and the crush as well with no interruption and this is acceptable. They even kiss; go for a date, hold hands and many more. Now, you also express your feelings in many ways and make the day special as the day comes once in a year. Hope this 2018 Valentine’s Day Ideas will help to make your day wonderful!

Buying the sweets and beautiful gifts is the cutest way to show your love towards him or her.  You can pick up customized cards with the combination of beautiful roses. No need to worry about making the cards. Mero Shopping is the best online shopping in Nepal supporting the youth and couples to make their Valentine special. We’ve got beautiful cards and the photo frames as well that will make your partner and loved one feel exceptional with the combination of roses in the cards. We’ve got an extensive province for you to pore over. We also have a huge selection of imprint gifts such as cute two hearts Keyrings, necklaces, cufflinks etc.
For All
Make the day of our close ones special with the perfect greeting cards. These are the cards that make your loved ones feel special on a special day. We have the cards that are specially designed for the Valentine 2018. You can select the cards from the huge collection and also express your feelings through these cards. We have the cards ranges from Rs. 750, Rs. 1000 and many more.
For Your Girl
Chocolates are the best and cutest gifts among the girls. Most of the Girls love the chocolates. They are the best way to express your love and feelings. We’ve chocolates of Rs. 700, Rs. 655 etc.
Roses and flower bouquets
These are the most famous gifts that are really admired by the lovers. Red roses indicate the symbol of love. It is also defined as the cheap and pretty gift. You can order these flowers online and practice our high-quality service for home delivery. We have the roses of Rs. 1200, Rs 9999 etc.
Photo Album
Photo frames make the photo of couples look great and help in enhancing the couple feelings towards each other. You can order different single frame double frame albums from our store. They rise from Rs. 1050, Rs. 1150 etc.
Teddy Bear
Teddy bear makes your girl have a smile on her face. We’ve different sizes of teddy bears. The teddy bear is about Rs. 1000, Rs. 1295 etc.
For Your Wifey
 Cakes are the best for celebrating any of the occasions. We have the special Valentine black Forest Cake and Valentine Day Cake to make your Valentine be romantic this year. This is the best way to express your love towards your family and loved ones. These cakes are specially designed and flavored for the valentines. This cake costs only for Rs. 2785. Hurry up and order now.
For You Boy
Key Ring
Key rings are the best gifts that boys love. We’ve different key rings that will make your lover feel good. Their price varies as per design.
For Your Husband
Liquor is the drinks that make men to feel the class. We’ve different label whiskeys, Jonnie Walker, Jack Daniels etc.
Watches are the men’s fashion. We’ve different brand watches. They show the personalities of the person. The best brand shows the class of the person. The watches are of Rs. 2500, Rs. 4590 etc.
Combo Gifts
We’ve different combo gifts for this Valentine. We’ve especially combined these gifts for this year Valentine. The combo includes Fastrack watches of different models, chocolates, and roses that cost only for Rs. 4999 and Rs. 8500.
Besides, for the romantic night, we can deliver you the decorating items such as roses, pink bubbly and liquor drinks as well. Have a lovely Valentine!


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