Send Teej Gifts in Nepal | Special Teej Gifts 2016 for Wife

Published On: Aug 17, 2016 15:45pm
Nepalese married woman always expect something special gifts from their dear husband on the occasion of teej. This is the festival in which both unmarried as well as married women observe fasting for longevity of their husband or would –be husband. Sending Teej gifts is your chance to show your love towards your wife and appreciating the sacrifice she had made to keep you happy. This year, Haritalika Teej 2016 has fallen on 19th Bhadra 2073. Given below are some of the special Teej gift 2016 ideas for wife.
Fast Hair Brush
fast hair brush nepal

Pamper your wife with latest arrival fast hair brush. This is a fast heating hair straightener that is effective against all types of hair whether your wife has got a thick hair or normal textured hair or a delicate hair. With this fast hair straightener brush, she can now have perfect hair style for every occasion in minutes.  
red saree nepal

Red is considered a fortunate colour by Nepalese. Nepalese women love to wear a red saree especially in teej. There are different varieties and style of Red saree that comes in wide price range. Choose from our saree collection where red saree with floral print or red saree with golden border or embroidered red saree or printed georgette saree and many more saree are available at attractive price.  
Hot Shapers
hot shapers nepal

Hot shapers can be the best Teej Gift for your wife especially if she is looking for an easy way to loss weight. Let her get the dream figure that she has always desired easily without going through hard exercise. Hot Shapers is available in different sizes. Hot Shapers complete set include Hot Shapers belt, Hot Shapers pant and Hot Shapers Vest.
ladies watch nepal

A trendy watch speaks volume about the fashion sense of the wearer. A carefully chosen watch does more than just tell time. At Mero Shopping, you can find latest women watches from brands like Titan, Sonata and Fastrack.
flower bouquet  nepal

Nothing speaks your love for her more profoundly than flower Boquets.  No woman can say no to flower. Pull smile on her face with flower baskets that are full of wild flowers.
Mug print husband and wife
mug print nepal

Strengthen your bonding in between husband and wife with our mug printing service. You can print your photo and custom message on coffee mug. Provide us with a short and sweet message that you want to give to your wife and we will add it to the cup to give a personal touch.
Rameswar sweets

Sweets and confectionaries help to lighten the mood and increase bonding in family. Sweets from Angan and Rameswar are available at Mero Shopping. 
Perfume for women
perfume women

We have the best collection of perfumes for women. Choose the brand and fragrance that she loves.

jewelries nepal

We have huge stock of ladies bracelets, bangles, earrings and necklaces in different designs. This is the best way of pleasing your wife.
These are some of the best teej gift ideas for your wife. You can send teej gifts online from Mero Shopping. On time delivery is guaranteed. 


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