Steps to check EPS Korea Exam 2016 Result

Published On: Jul 26, 2016 11:31am
You must pass the EPS Exam which is taken by Human Resource Development Service of Korea if you want to work in Korea. Eps is the Korean language test. EPS Korea Result 2016 has been published today. EPS-TOPIK Exam was held on 4th and 5th of Asad 2073. Total of 57,129 students had participated in this exam on 2073 among which 3,517 students passed the EPS Test.
3,100 Nepalese can go for work opportunity in Korea through this EPS system. Director of EPS Korea Department, Dilli Ram Bastola has stated that the Department is in process of distinguish the number of students who are eligible to work in Production section and people who can work in farming sector. There is no guarantee that all students who passed EPS Test can work in Korea.
Steps to Check EPS Exam Result
Open the browser from any device.
Visit Official website for EPS Result.  
You can also see EPS result from facebook page


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Eps result
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