Hot Shapers Belt, Pant and Bra

Published On: Apr 03, 2016 13:28pm
Built with smart NEOTEX fibres, hot shapers is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. With this amazing weight lose product, you can now get the perfect toned body shape like that of celebrities which you have always dreamt of. Hot Shapers can be wear by both men and women. 
If you are wondering whether hot shapers really work, you should understand the working mechanism. Hot shapers come with two layers of neotex fabric. The inner fabric increases the core temperature of the body and thus results in increased perspiration level in comparison to perspiration that we obtain from normal cloth. The outer layer absorbs sweat from inner layer for up to four times its weight. Due to more sweating, there will be increased calorie burn and fat decomposition. 
Hot shapers is so advanced that you will not feel sticky with sweat or get smelly even when you put it on for hours as the cloth feels dry from outside. For getting increased weight loss, it is beneficial to do thirty minutes of workout while wearing hot shapers as this action will help you in burning more calories at less time through combo effect of workout and innovative hot shapers. Reduce additional fat on tummy after pregnancy. 
Hot Shapers Belt, Pant and Bra/ Vest Size
Hot Shapers work best only when you choose the correct size. See the picture below to get an idea on hot shapers size for your body

 Benefits of hot shapers 
Hot Shapers is very convenient to use. You do not have to dedicate separate time for it. You can wear it even at your anywhere anytime even at your workplace or school and shade few pounds from your thighs, waist, legs and bust. It also increases the overall well-being by optimizing the metabolism. It optimizes fitness routine. Hot Shapers is made up of very skin friendly materials. Save your energy, time and money. 
Buy hot shapers belt, pant and bra/ vest in Nepal online from Mero Shopping at attractive price. For best result, we recommend you to buy a complete hot shapers set but you can also buy hot shapers pant only or hot shapers belt only or hot shapers bra/ vest only. 
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