Badminton Rackets in Nepal

Published On: Mar 10, 2016 12:39pm
Your search for Badminton Rackets in Nepal stops right here. We have the complete set of badminton gears that are required for playing badminton. Do not worry whether you are looking for a badminton bag or shoes or racquets. Currently, we are selling the reputed Japanese Yonex Badminton Rackets.
Yonex is one of the largest badminton manufacturer company in the world. Many world-class players are playing Badminton with Yonex Rackets. These rackets are ultra- light in weight. They are more stable and thinner than ordinary rackets and thus they can deliver maximum power and speed from the swing. Currently, we are selling Nano Breed Badminton, Graphite Premium Pro, Professional Badminton and Arcsaber Badminton.    
Following are the badminton rackets price in Nepal:
Yonex Badminton Racket
You can buy Yonex Badminton Racket at price of NRs 950 per pair. This is best racket for playing badminton at home. You can spend pleasant time with your family as well as get the best exercise by buying this racket.     
Graphite Premium Pro
Graphite Premium Pro is easier to handle and has a firm grip. It can be bought at price of NRs 4100.
Professional Premium Racket
Its isometric design enables the racket to give more sweet- spot than normal rackets. It comes at a price of NRs 4550.
Professional Badminton Racket
This is the best badminton for you if you are a professional badminton player. It is light in weight and delivers more power at less effort. Price of Professional Yonix badminton is NRs 11000.
ARCSABER Badminton
ARCSABER Badminton is devised by YONEX in a way that it stores your energy and then releases it later which enables you to discharge better shot at your opponent. Its price is NRs 21800.
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Deepak chhetry
Can you tell me the price of Yonex duora z strike , yonex duora 10 and yonex voltric z force II?
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