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  • Saligram Aryal


    I love dealing with Easy, painless, trouble-free. Description of the items clear and simple to understand. Pictures are great. Packaged nicely, very clean and neat. Coming very fast and very friendly staff. What else do you need? I\'m giving all stars!
  • Raj Kumar Adhikari


    Until few years ago, we did not hear of online shopping and whenever we had to do shopping or buy new things, we had to visit the shops by ourselves, negotiate and bargain with the shopkeepers and finally purchase the stuff which we wanted to buy. With the advent of new technology and advancement, online shopping has become the best choice of many people across the world for shopping. This has also become rapidly popular in Nepal and its major cities. As people are mostly busy these days, they don’t have enough time for physical shopping. Hence, online shopping is the best option for them. I am also one amongst them as I prefer online shopping to physical shopping. Normally, I buy stuffs like T-shirt, shirt and pants through online shopping. I am glad to say that has become my online shopping partner as I am very much satisfied with their products as well as their services. I look forward to continue my shopping journey with the and I advise others to do the same.
  • Ramita Maharjan


    I usually prefer online shopping. This is the age of technology so why should we waste out time by lingering here and there. Thus, I have found as a customer friendly. I am inspired with the services it has provided plus it has included numerous items under the same roofs. I am pleased with the products has so far provided. is trustworthy and one of the best online shopping.
  • Devendra Thapaliya


    I got my order of 5 in 1 sofa bed yesterday. Dude...I am really impressed with the service quality that I received. Not only did you have the best offering price but also customer friendly staffs whom I found to be committed on providing fast delivery. I am happy with the service I received and will certainly recommend to my friend and family circle.
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Pressure cooker has always been the preferred choice of cooking utensil in Nepal. It saves fuel energy by cooking your food fast. Food cooked in pressure cooker is tastier than food prepared in any other cooking utensils. With the increase in sales, there has emerged many pressure cooker manufacturers in Nepal. Hawkins, Philips, Prestige and Bajaj are three popular pressure cooker brands in Nepal. You can now buy online Philips Pressure Cooker and Philips induction cooker at cheap price from Mero Shopping. Price of 5l pressure cooker from Gold Shine Company is NRs 1195 only. You can also buy non-steak pressure cooker which is easier ...
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It is time to upgrade yourself from regular bras to push up bra. Yes, you can now buy online push up bra in Nepal at a price of around NRs 350. The research conducted by scientists from Manchester University have shown that the push up bra increases confidence level in women in significant level. Our behavior is effected by the attire we wear.   These bras are stylish and they are much more comfortable than normal ones. The special padding lifts the cups up and gives your breast the firm look. This is the easiest and fastest way of getting firm breast. Push up Bras have received ...
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